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Benefits Of Using Sabatur BIDZ!

Posted by on 1/17/2012 to Sabatur BIDZ
Now we are going to discuss some of the reasons why Sabatur BIDZ! is a great alternative to Ebay and some other auction websites. As a seller on Ebay, I personally know how expensive it can be with the listing fees and final value fees. A successful seller on Ebay can easily spend thousands of dollars per month on final value fees alone!

Now... the HUGE benefit to Ebay is definitely the traffic and reputation, so, I am not trying to deter you from selling or buying from Ebay at all. In fact, I am still buying and selling on Ebay right now! But I do think some great alternatives to Ebay are needed in order to maybe make Ebay understand that the fees, especially in today's economy, are killing some sellers.

So, let's talk a little about Sabatur BIDZ!... Sabatur BIDZ! was created to give a great alternative for sellers and buyers alike. No Listing Fees and NO Final Value Fees are just one of the great benefits to listing on SB. You can also enjoy a FREE storefront as a registered user as well as extremely discounted pricing on listing addons such as Home Page Featured, Category Featured, Bold, Highlighted, etc.... In fact, now through 2/16/12, you can enjoy no fees for these upgrades as a new registered user! You will also receive a $10 credit as a new user which you can use for listing upgrades after 2/16/12!

Although Sabatur BIDZ! is not "Highly Recognized" at this time... we are gathering momentum on the search engines and traffic is gaining daily. We just need more users to join in and get us all going!

There are some great deals going on right now on SB direct from Sabatur Pro Audio. Check it out, sign up, and don't be afraid to use the Make an Offer button on the listings!
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