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Sabatur BIDZ! Online Auction Website

Posted by on 10/18/2011 to Sabatur BIDZ
Sabatur Pro Audio is proud to announce the release of Sabatur BIDZ .... an Online Auction Website with no listing fees and NO final value fees. We are extremely excited to offer this great Ebay alternative. No more paying those high listing fees and ridiculous final value fees.

Here are just some of the features from Sabatur BIDZ!:
  • No Listing Fees
  • No Final Value Fees
  • Free Sign Up/Registration
  • $10 credit for new registrations (can be used for listing upgrades)
  • Free storefront for all registered users (limit 25 items for free registration)
  • Reasonable rates for listing upgrades (i.e bold, highlight, etc)
  • Great rates for Membership upgrades
  • Optional "Free For Life" one time payment for unlimited store items
Listing features:
  • Clean look
  • Feedback enabled
  • Featured Item Option
  • Featured Store Option
  • Customizable Storefront
  • html allowed in listings
  • easy picture upload
  • Easy video upload
  • Auction style, Dutch, best offer, buy now options available
  • and many many more!
There are just too many features to list and we are adding more and more each day! Check out Sabatur BIDZ! and join in!
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