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Taye Drums Studio Maple

Posted by on 12/23/2010 to Drums
Some time ago, Sabatur Pro Audio was on the hunt for a "Premier" drum manufacturer to add to our many products we offer. SPA works a little different than most other online shops... we ONLY sell what we have used and what we thought was the best "bang for the buck".

We tested many lines such as Tama, Pearl, DW, etc... but the one that stood out the most was Taye Drums. We had a chance to test a Taye Studio Maple Series SM722CD which consisted of:

(1) 22X18 Kick
(1) 10X8.5 Rack
(1) 12X9 Rack
(1) 13X10 Rack
(1) 14X14 Floor Tom
(1) 16X16 Floor Tom
(1) 14X6 Snare

Right out of the box, we were taken back by the finish... a natural maple with a superb gloss finish that clearly showed it would be able to withstand the "beatings" it may take by being on the road. Setting up this kit was simple and it made everything go very quick. The toms come completely setup with the heads installed and to be honest... they were pretty much in tune right out of the box! After installing the heads on the kick and getting everything in place, it was time to make some hits and see how it sounded right out of the box.

Taye uses their own "Dynaton" heads... and as a drummer for many years.... the first thing I replace is the stock heads to my preferred ones. But.... I was absolutely surprised the sound these stock heads had. I am not a drummer that normally uses coated heads on the toms and kick.. but i was very surprised at the attack and sound of these heads. Very impressive.

I personally got a chance to set up some mics in the studio and test some sounds and once again, I was amazed at how well they sounded with very little work. As a drummer who is used to playing Birch Shells, I was looking for that "Classic" sound that can usually only be accomplished by the Birch. But.... I was pleasantly surprised at how well the sound was on the Maple Shells. Tight, great overtones, very controllable, etc...

After playing these for a while, I was definitely sold on them! Now it was time to look at the price point on these. Well... once again I was pleasantly surprised to realize that the Studio Maple Series were very affordable and I would compare these drums to others twice it's price!

We have done some demo videos on the Taye Studio Maple and Taye Drums has done their own as well.. check out this great video from Taye Drums:

Check out the Taye Studio Maple series here!

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