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The Alvarez Yairi WY1 AC/EL Folk Guitar

Posted by on 5/22/2014 to Alvarez Yairi Guitars
The Alvarez Yairi WY1 AC/EL Folk Guitar
Alvarez Yairi WY1 AC/EL Folk Guitar

Well we finally had the chance to sit down with the Alvarez Yairi WY1 Bob Weir Series AC/EL Folk Guitar. In the past, everytime we got these in, they sold immediately so we never had a chance to really mess around with it! But this time, we set one aside just for this purpose.

So as you may know, the WY1 is based on the Bob Weir series that he personally plays. The main difference is the electronics.... the WY1BW Bob Weir Signature model has the custom SYS650BW electronics and utilizes an undersaddle pickup as well as a condenser mic inside the soundhole. The SYS650BW also give you full control over each pickup so you can adjust to suit your needs.

Now, the WY1 comes with the SYS650 preamp which utilizes both the AST and UST pickups and can also be blended to suit the users needs. So, let's go over everything we found step by step:

First things everyone notices when purchasing the Alvarez Yairi WY1 is the case. The WY1 Series guitars are shipped with the Alvarez FC2 Deluxe Polyfoam case. At forst glance, everyone seems to think this is less of a case compared to the FC1 Deluxe Wood Hardshell case. I will say, this is the furthest from the truth. The FC2 case is a very solid and light weight, not to be confused with light duty, hardshell case. It fits the WY1 perfectly and the weight of the case itself is so much lighter than that of many hardshell cases. The FC2 alsp houses an internal hygrometer which is a great addon for such a high quality guitar.

Now let's take a look at the guitar itself.... when first opening the case, you cannot help notice the beauty if this guitar. With it's solid cedar top and rosewood back and sides, it surely is a guitar that will catch your eye immediately.

After picking it up... you can just feel right away how well built this guitar really is. You know, that feeling when you pick up a high quality guitar?

Unplugged, this guitar has an amazing sound... not harsh at all and very warm. There is not a volume to this guitar alone... but the sound itself has such a richness. After plugging it in, we had a chance to play around with the electronics on the SYS650. Initial settings appeared that we were getting full AST and not much UST. Fortunately, on the inside of the electronics, there is a gain adjustment knob to give more or less of the AST. We adjusted the gain to 50% and started to test it.

The SYS650 has an AST-UST adjustment on the fron which allows you to slide the adjustment for more AST, or more UST. Moving the slider all the way to AST gave us some great sound from fingers sliding on the strings. Now, sliding it all the way to UST gave us some beautiful "body: sounds with some great low end. After adjusting the slider to half way, we got a perfect mix of string sound with full body sound making it a nice full round sound.

Overall.... we found the WY1 to be a perfect compliment for our studio and all of our customers who have purchased it have had nothing but praise. I mean... $1799 for a Hand-Made AC/EL is an awesome deal! The WY1 also comes in a Sunburst color for only $1999!

So... if you like what you're reading... check out the WY1 and the WY1TS!
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